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ACE Nebuliser

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ACE Nebuliser

The Portex ACE MDI is designed to ensure prompt delivery of aerosolised medication from MDI canisters. It comes with a coaching adapter that encourages patients to inhale slowly. Its versatile design means it can be used in a ventilator circuit with a resuscitation bag or endotracheal airway for routine oral inhalation.

The ACE nebuliser has a corn-shaped chamber to maximise respirable volume and a clear construction to allow the easy confirmation of the prescribed dose. The soft rolled edges make for a comfortable fit while the spacer allows for maximum airflow. It is also easy to remove and clean and comes in a variety of sizes.

The one-way valve of the nebuliser is a feature that enables inhalation of the aerosol cloud, closing to avoid the patient exhaling into the chamber. It also maximises repairable volume and allows the patient to inhale and exhale without moving their face. 

The Portex ACE MDI Nebuliser is a high-quality medical device used extensively by practitioners around the world.