Portex Microlaryngeal Tube

  • Code: SM100190050

  • Unit: 


The Portex microlaryngeal cuffed tube by Smiths Medical is designed specifically for use in microlaryngeal surgery. Standard I.D. and O.D. on a longer length tube permits accessibility, visability and greater access to surgical field

  • Flexible and kink-resistant, intended to minimize the possibility of tube occlusion
  • One size ( I.D 5.0mm)
  • The size of the tracheal tube internal diameter is printed on the Pilot Balloon. 
  • A black intubation depth marker is located proximal to the cuff to assist the accurate placement of the tracheal tube tip within the trachea.
Code Description Unit
SM100190050 SM Microlaryngeal Tube Profile Cuff Oral/Nsl ID5mm BX10 Add to quote