Rckt Rocket Spinal Manometer Set NRFit

  • Code: 855990ISO6

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ROCKET SPINAL MANOMETERS with LUER connectors throughout the intrathecal fluid path to ensure connection to standard luer-lock spinal needles and syringes.

  • READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE for when time is precious.
  • CLEAR, STURDY PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION for reliable, secure assembly and ease of use.
  • STACKABLE ASSEMBLY: Male/female luer fittings also permit additional sections to be stacked to allow pressures >40cmH2O to be measured.
  • SUPPLIED COMPLETE with 3 way stop cock for attachment to a luer spinal needles and syringes.
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855990ISO6 Rckt Rocket Spinal Manometer Set NRFit BX10 Add to quote
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