BioSkin FootLok Strap

  • Code: BS93612

  • Unit: 


The TriLok's patented FootLok strap acts like a suspension bridge, supporting weak tendons and soft tissue in the foot to relieve the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis and PTTD (fallen arches). Positioned laterally, the FootLok Strap supports and protects the lateral ligaments and the peroneal tendons. Positioned medially, the FootLok Strap supports the plantar fascia or the posterior tibial tendon.

Note:  Part only - to be used in conjunction with the BioSkin TriLok. Sold as an invidual strap.

Code Description Unit
BS93611 Small EACH Add to quote
BS93612 Medium EACH Add to quote
BS93613 Large EACH Add to quote
BS93614 X-Large EACH Add to quote