Rckt Rocket Safety Drain 8fg x 16cm

  • Code: 858800-08-SD

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Rocket Safety Drain 8FG x 16cm paracentesis catheter with blunt obturator needle offer a purpose designed, cost-effective solution for routine fluid drainage procedures in the department or ward settings where the use of a blunt obturator needle is preferred for enhanced patient and user safety.

For abdominal paracentesis via transcutaneous insertion into the abdominal cavity using a ‘direct stab’ technique combined with aspiration and/or ultrasound guidance.

8FG x 15cm x 6 holes with integral skin fixation plate and blunt obturator safety insertion needle set. 15cm side arm with 3 way stopcock, additional drainage bag connection set No.11 safety scalpel 

Carton: 5 Sets, sterile, indivdually packed for single use.

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858800-08-SD Rckt Rocket Safety Drain 8fg x 16cm BX5 Add to quote
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