Rocket Blunt Dissection Chest Drain Pack

  • Code: 854549-26-PK

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Rocket® Blunt Dissection Chest Drain Insertion Pack Curved Roberts forceps, safety scalpel, catheter with radiopaque stripe & stiffener, syringe, connectors, suture, ward procedure pack including gown, drapes, swabs, sponges, 10ml syringes, gallipot, wound dressing. Sterile, for single use in cartons of 5 units. 

Rocket Chest Catheter Blunt Dissection Insertion Pack is available for those instances when it would be inappropriate or difficult to use a small bore seldinger chest drain such as a traumatic incident or the drainage of blood.

The kit features:

  • Blunt Tipped Catheter: Used in conjunction with a stiffener so the catheter can be inserted in a more controlled manner.
  • Curved Roberts Forceps: To allow controlled dissection of the intercostal muscles over the rib.
  • Radiopaque Stripe: To allow accurate checking of catheter position.
  • Insertion Pack: Including gown, drapes, suture and dressings.
Code Description Unit
854549-26-PK 26FG BX5 Add to quote
854549-28-PK 28FG BX5 Add to quote
854549-32-PK 32G BX5 Add to quote