Instruments Single Use

Instruments Single Use

The use of single-use instruments greatly reduces the risk of infection, cross-contamination, and transmission. However, it also raises healthcare and operational costs. One of the ways you can keep them down is by ordering your single-use instruments from our surplus stock clearance sales.

Clearance sales like this one here achieve two important things. It reduces medical waste, which is a huge problem and it allows those who need these instruments the most to get them at highly discounted prices. 

Whether you are a charity, GP, hospital, care nurse, etc, this is your opportunity to stock up on these vital instruments with some great discounts available. Single-use (disposable) instruments and supplies you may expect to find here at USL Medical include:

  • Podiatry products
  • Surgical packs
  • Forceps 
  • Scissors
  • Needle holders
  • Clamps
  • Specula
  • Scalpels and scalpel handles
  • Suture instruments and more.

All the single-use instruments we sell in this clearance sale will be well within their sterile shelf life, ensuring the highest standard of quality and safety. Get ordering now while stocks last.