Splinting supplies are usually quite affordable but why not buy them at even cheaper prices without compromising on quality? By taking advantage of USL Medical’s special clearance sale on splinting supplies, you get splinting supplies from the world’s top brands at discount prices.

As part of our effort to reduce surplus and aged stock, we regularly put up splinting supplies (among others) on sale. This is a good opportunity for charities, hospitals, and all types of healthcare providers to access them at very friendly prices. 

Some of the splinting products and supplies you might find available today include:

  • Splint padding
  • Stockinettes
  • Splinting tools
  • Splinting thermoplastic sheets
  • Precut and preformed splints
  • Splinting straps and more.

These and other splinting supplies are vital in many healthcare facilities. Whether you’re looking for the best casting, splint fabrication, padding, fastening materials and tools - we have them here at USL Medical.

Our advantage is that we always source our supplies globally from the top brands. Whether in new or surplus stock, our quality standards remain at the highest levels. Save your money and order surplus splinting supplies from our special clearance stock today.