SIGVARIS Diabetic Sock

SIGVARIS Diabetic Sock

For a diabetic patient who experiences swelling in the legs, ankles and feet, then specially designed compression wear is the best solution for you. The compression sock helps reduce oedema which keeps the feet and legs healthier. The sock provides graduated compression on the legs to effectively promote venous blood flow, relieving the veins from pressure and valves to ensure unrestricted blood flow.

Wearing the diabetic sock reduces the risk of swelling and also maintains oedema when you have venous insufficiency. 

Of all the diabetic compression items, the SIGVARIS diabetic sock has proven to be one of the most effective. It comes with a soft padded foot for graduated compression which ensures blood circulation. They have double-covered yarns which make them soft and stretchy for compression regulation. 

The flat toe seam and padded foot of the sock reduce the risk of foot irritation and injury, while the graduated compression works to avoid swelling. 

Are you looking for the best solution for diabetic foot swelling? Look for the SIGVARIS diabetic sock from USL Medical.