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Cold & Flu Products

Cold & Flu Products

Colds & flu are extremely common conditions. They are typically viral infections of the upper respiratory system such as the mouth, throat, lungs and nose.

Symptoms can include fevers, runny nose, stuffy nose, headaches, body aches, exhaustion, chills & sweat, nausea, coughs and loss of appetite. One can also experience sore throat, congested chest, discomfort and watery eyes. 

While there is no particular medicine that can cure colds & flu, some can help ease the discomfort around the symptoms. There is also a number of prescription medicines for treating and preventing the flu. One should always look for solutions at the onset of a cold or flue before the symptoms become too aggressive.

USL Medical supplies a wide range of trusted cold and flu products from leading brands. This includes e cold & flu caps, children’s cough syrup and much more.