3M Comply Sterigage Chemical Integrater

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An ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1:2005 Class 5 Integrating Indicator for use in determining whether the sterilisation process conditions were met inside each pack. Can be used in all 250-275°F sterilisation cycles.

As an internal pack monitor, the 3M™ Comply™ (SteriGage™) Class 5 Steam Chemical Integrators offer immediate, accurate and easy to read method of monitoring the sterilisation process conditions inside each pack. It can be used in all steam sterilisers. The easy-to-read moving front style has been shown to have a higher reading accuracy than color interpretation style indicators.


Moving front ink technology provides easy to read 'Accept or Reject' result.
Can be used in all 250-275°F steam sterilisation cycles.
Response correlates with a Biological Indicator at 3 time/temperature relationships under ideal steam sterilisation conditions.
Confirmed by BSI, a leading global independent Product Testing Service Company, to meet the performance requirements of ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1:2005 Class 5.

Suggested Applications

For use as an internal pack monitor in all 250 - 275°F Steam Sterilisation processes.

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