Admin Discofix C Stopcock

  • Code: 14132

  • Unit: 

Description Resistant to the effects of pharmaceuticals Resistant against pharmaceuticals with previously unattained degree of transparency Resistance against stress cracking resulting from exposure to infusion solutions, drugs and alcohol-based disinfectants Protection against the danger of unnoticed cracks, air infusion and leakage Fast connection with rotating adapter Reliable, secure system connection with rotation of the connected stopcock unit on its own axis Light snap at every 45° turn of the valve Advantages Allows convenient access for injections and aspirations by rotating adapter Lets you feel the proper setting by tactile response at every 45° turn Resists the hazardous effects of pharmaceuticals Reduces leakage, contamination and air embolism Indication Parenteral nutrition therapy with lipids Anesthesia with IV anesthetics, e.g. Propofol Chemotherapy with cytostatic agents Immunotherapy for application of suppressives, e.g. Cyclosporin Neurology for application of neuroleptics, e.g. Phenytoin Sodium
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