Safsite Injection Site

  • Code: 2310

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Safe access through automatic function
- The luer fitting of a syringe or infusion line opens when connected
and closes automatically when disconnected- For application of drugs
- For taking blood
- For administration of infusion solutions

Enhanced safety when changing systems
- Safsite® simplifies the daily changing of the infusion system on
central venous and I.V. catheters; improves hygiene- Escape of fluid or blood is reliably prevented; entry of air is
avoided- On Perfusor® tubings, Safsite ® minimises the danger of an overdose
resulting from "free flow"; during syringe exchange- Prevents problems if a stopcock is inadvertently left open

Connection rather than puncture
- The "needle-free"
- No infections from needle-stick injuries
- No generation of particles

Universal application
- With infusion and transfusion sets and lines
- With stopcock systems
- With central venous catheters, IV catheters and puncture sets