Admin Sangofix Blood Set

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Non-vented blood administration set for the administration of blood and blood components stored in flexible bags for gravity administration.

Blood Filter 200µm / 11cm2

  • Blood filter with 11cm2 surface area helps to prevent particulate contamination by retaining particles >200μm while providing a higher flow rate than required by ISO 1135-4. Hanging filter basket arrangement and high quality filter material for soft impingement of blood drops

Drip Chamber

  • Clear, non-vented piercing spike with blunt tip to prevent puncturing of bag
  • Fully transparent dome offers visibility for accurate flow rate measurement
  • Elastic pump chamber allows easy and quick set-up of fluid level

Roller Clamp

  • Roller clamp with ergonomic design enables fine and flexible adjustment of flow rates
  • Secure spike protection at roller clamp for safe disposal

Spin-Lock® Connector with PrimeStop

  • Rotating collar of Spin-Lock® connector prevents twisting of IV line during connection and accidental disconnection which could lead to microbiological contamination.
  • Hydrophobic, bacteria–tight PrimeStop cap stops blood leaks while priming the set and thus lowers the risk of blood exposure which could lead to microbiological contamination. It prevents the escape of any solution or contaminants into the adjacent environment and is thus a closed system referring to NIOSH 2004 definition.
  • Pressure resistant up to 400 mm Hg. (approx. 0.5 bar).
  • DEHP-free (Remark: Sangofix® sets with hand pump contain DEHP, ref. 4050192, 4050192H, 4050193, 4050193H)
  • Latex-free
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