MIP Smart Sheet

  • Code: SK7000B

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MIP’s patented Smart Sheet is a knitted sheet with multi-directional stretch which, unlike conventional woven sheets, means that this one sheet will fit the vast majority of healthcare mattresses, ranging from standard profiling beds to beds with dynamic airflow/pressure reduction mattresses. 

▪ Fitting is quick and easy

▪ Latex free & contains no elastic

▪ The stretch and large overlay ensures it fits most mattresses including profiling & pressure reducing

▪ Doesn’t require folding or ironing

▪ Once fitted, it becomes crease free, corners remain intact & it does not ruck like conventional sheets, improving comfort & reducing the number of times the bed needs to be tucked in or remade

▪ Unlike standard bedding, the 4-way stretch of the SleepKnit Smartsheet won’t allow the sliding or repositioning of a patient, prompting the use of slide sheets, and equipment designed for the task in hand.