Gripper Micro No Y-site

  • Code: SM21325624

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The GRIPPER MICRO® Blunt Cannula, Non-coring Safety Needle is a two-piece system that includes an inserter and an infusion site. After the needle is inserted into an implanted port, the inserter (sharp) is removed, leaving behind a small, low profile infusion site with a blunt cannula. The needle’s unique safety arm provides an audible CLICK when it is lifted for extra assurance that the needle is locked into a safe position. And the infusion site’s small size and foam pad provide increased patient comfort for long-term therapy

  • Small, low profile infusion site for ease in dressing and patient comfort
  • Nonabsorbent foam pad for extra patient comfort
  • Non-sharp blunt cannula for safe removal and disposal following infusion
  • With or without y-site
  • Needle gauge range 19G, 20G, 22G
  • Needle length range 19mm, 25mm, 32mm
  • Trocar, non-coring needle that locks into place for sharps disposal
  • Taxol and lipid-compatible