Tork Cleaning Cloth Blue Combi Roll W1/W2/W3

  • Code: 145198

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The multipurpose Tork Cleaning Cloth is soft and flexible, yet strong. It is ideal for most lighter cleaning tasks, and quickly absorbs both oils and liquids, which makes your cleaning efforts easier. This cloth can be used in either the Tork Floor or Wall Stand dispensers, which are developed for safety, efficiency and reliability or the Tork Maxi Centerfeed or Boxed Combi Roll Dispenser, which are designed for smoother single hand dispensing.
46985 U 18 Food contact approved certified by a third partyTT-COC-002080 FSC MIX Credit
Code Description Unit
145198 Tork Cleaning Cloth Blue Combi Roll W1/W2/W3 ROLL Add to quote