Biocath Latex Foley Catheter Female 2 way 14f 10cc

  • Code: 8655

  • Unit: 

The BIOCATH® Foley Catheter is designed with an ultra smooth hydrogel coating that increases patient comfort, making it ideal for both short and long term use.
It has been shown in studies that BIOCATH® reduces urethral irritation, and can resist bacterial colonisation and encrustation.
Can remain in situ for up to 12 weeks.

Code Description Unit
8655 PD Cath Bio Female 14fg 20cm EACH Add to quote
8656 PD Cath Bio Female 16fg 20cm EACH Add to quote
10250 PD Cath Bio Foley 24fg 2way EACH Add to quote
13218 PD Cath Bio Female 20fg 20cm EACH Add to quote
8654 PD Cath Bio Female 12fg 20cm EACH Add to quote