Grip Lok Large Non-Sterile

  • Code: 10155

  • Unit: 


The GRIP-LOK is the safe alternative (alternative to using the stretchy velcro-type of holder) for securing your urinary catheter.
The Tidi Grip-Lok LFC (Large Foley Catheter) catheter securement device is a “stick-to-your-leg” type device (as opposed to the common stretchy-fabric kind that too easily slides down your leg, especially if you are ambulatory. The Grip-Lok adheres to your leg and holds the catheter securely in a channel created by a small length of foam and two Velcro® straps. This allows you to prevent the catheter from pulling down and out, away from the insertion site. And for those with a suprapubic catheter, the Grip-Lok allows you to provide yourself with just the right amount of slack between the insertion site and the straps so you can maintain comfort while also providing “traction tension” to help hold the balloon of the Foley against the wall of your bladder.

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