Saf-T Holder

  • Code: SM96000

  • Unit: 


Saf-T Wing® Blood Collection Sets SAFETY FOR DELICATE VENOUS BLOOD DRAWS • End-to-end protection • Minimises unwanted exposures by preventing needle removal and holder re-use.

Staf-T Holder® devices come with the back-end needle and multi-sample Luer permanently attached to the holder to minimise potential exposures and holder re-use. Available separately or with Saf-T Wing® Blood collection and infusion sets, these devices also provide easy transfer after a syringe draw. 

Code Description Unit
SM96000 Male Luer Adapter BX50 Add to quote
SM96002 Female Luer BX50 Add to quote
SM96000S Short - Male Luer Adapter BX50 Add to quote
SM96002S Short - Fem Luer Adapter BX50 Add to quote