Tourniquet Jetpull 2

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The favorite founding father of the JETPULL® - family.

JETPULL® 2 is a practical tourniquet, for daily use in the practice or clinic. A particular characteristic of the JETPULL® 2 is its ease of use.

After attachment of the tourniquet, the mechanism allows for singe-hand operation. The tourniquet can be simply and quickly slackened using the centralized pushbutton. The simple 2 button system allows for easy opening of the fastening. The patented fasten and release system allows for a smooth and fast opening, even when under tension. JETPULL® 2 is available in two variations:

  1. With screws, well-tried and stable.
  2. Design-20, metal-free for use in the radiology.


  • patented 2 button system
  • patented fasten and release system
  • band tension-release system
  • single-hand operation
  • no pinching of the skin on attachment of the tourniquet
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