Huntleigh Doppler Probe 8Mhz

  • Code: 14637

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New High Sensitivity 8MHz probe

The New High Sensitivity XS probes have been designed to maximise performance.  They have been calibrated and fine-tuned for optimum use.  For use with all Huntleigh handheld vascular Doppler’s.

For use in the detection of:

•    Vertebral Artery
•    Carotid Artery
•    Brachial Artery
•    Ulnar Artery
•    Radial Artery
•    Posterior Tibial Artery
•    Dorsalis Pedis Artery
•    Jugular Vein
•    Long Saphenous Vein
•    Small Saphenous Vein

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14637 Huntleigh Doppler Probe 8Mhz EACH Add to quote
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