Bovie A952 Electrosurgical Generator

  • Code: BA952

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The Bovie®   A952 ( Bantam PRO) is a high frequency desiccator that also has cutting ability. The unit provides 50 watts of cutting power and coagulation modes – plenty of power for most procedures performed in the doctor’s office. Power is adjustable in 1/10th watt increments from 0 to 10 watts, for the most accurate output available.

Accessories included with A952
A902 Autoclavable 3 Button Pencil 1
A910 Handpiece Sheath 2
A910ST Handpiece Sheath With Card  2
ES01 Blade Standard  3
ES02 Needle Standard  1
ES20 Ball Electrode 3/16"  1
A804 Electrode Sharp Tip Non-Sterile 5
A806 Electrode Blunt Angled Blade Non-Sterile 5
A806DE Derm-Elite Dermal Tip Electrode Non-Sterile 2
A805 Electrode Sharp Tip Sterile 2
A807 Electrode Blunt Angled Blade Sterile  2
A807DE Derm-Elite Dermal Tip Electrode Sterile 2
A1252C Reusable Grounding Cable 2
ESRE Return Split Pads Disposable  5
A837 Wall Mount Kit A837 1
09-064-001 Power cord for A942/A952  1


Bovie A952 Bantam PRO Electrosurgical Generator Technical Specifications

Energy Settings


Cut Mode

The Cut mode gives a general cutting with a standard RF waveform

to cut all types of tissue with minimal hemostasis.

It generates constant output power over a wide range of impedance’s


Coagulation Mode

The Coagulation Mode provides precise control of bleeding

in localized areas.

Bipolar Mode


The Bipolar Mode is more aggressive coagulation mode,

with some arcing, and works with modulation and

a crest factor of 4.8.

Blend Mode


The Blend Mode is a combination of Cutting and Hemostasis (55/45).

The Blended Cutting offers increased control of bleeding at the

surgical application site.

Fulguration Mode


The Fulguration Mode produces a sparking at the skin surface for

more shallow tissue destruction.

In the Fulguration Mode the patient return pad is not required.

If increased coagulation is required then a grounding pad will

increase the hemostasis effect.

Micro Bipolar Mode


The Micro Bipolar mode is a more gentle mode of coagulation,

has no arcing, and works with a continuous waveform and

a crest factor of 2.6.

Return Electrode Sensing and Contact Quality Monitoring


The Bantam Pro incorporates a return electrode contact quality

monitoring system (Bovie NEM™).

When using a split pad (Highly Recommended) the system continually

monitors the contact quality between the patient and

the split return electrode.

This feature is designed to minimize patient burns at the return electrode site.