AC Melaseal 100+

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Sterilization in an autoclave is the safest way for prevention of infections. After sterilization, however, care must be taken that instruments are not contaminated again. The MELAseal 100 and MELAseal 101 Package Sealing Devices can effectively seal sterilized instruments so that they are stored while being safely protected against contamination. Without great physical effort, these two models produce optimal sealing seams 10 mm wide, with precise sealing pressure. The german standard DIN 58953 specifies sealing seams at least 8 mm wide. The working table is integrated in the housing of the device.

After the operator switches on the power, it takes approx. 2 minutes until the cold unit heats up to operating temperature. When the signal lamp goes off, this means that the MELAseal 100 is in the ready mode and can go to work. When the operator turns the crank, this presses the pressure bar against the heated aluminium rail. After only 2 seconds, the sterilization wrapper has been properly sealed in accordance with relevant standards, with a sealing seam of 10 mm width.

The integrated cutter cuts off the See-through sterilization packages (e.g. MELAfol) to the required length during the sealing procedure. MELAseal 100 is conceived for the practice in which numerous instruments are sealed in See-through sterilization packages (e.g. MELAfol) at certain times of the day within a relatively short time period, for instance before the midday break or when the practice is closing.

The final sterilization in the MELAG autoclaves of the series Premium-Class, Pro-Class, Vacuquick and S-Class is the surest way to prevent infection transfers, and complies with all legal and normative requirements. After sterilization, the packaged goods are stored dustproof for a long period of storage.

Three reell dispensers are deliverable for the package sealing device MELAseal 100:

The reell dispenser "standard" (Art. No. 110)
is practical and inexpensive, but requires some space behind the MELAseal device.

The reell dispenser "advanced" (Art. No. 111)
is extremely space-saving because the rolls are located above the equipment.

The Wall reell dispenser (Art. No. 106)
has the same advantages of a stable roller guide as the roll holder "Comfort", but it is still space-saving because it can be attached to the wall. The MELAseal itself is standardly prepared for wall-mounting.