Meladem 40 Water Treatment System for 29VS

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MELAdem 40

With MELAdem 40 you can produce high-quality demineralised water (aqua dem) for a low price directly in the practice. According to the ion exchange principle, contaminating ions in the tap water (e.g. calcium, magnesium etc.) are removed from the water and replaced by hydrogen and hydroxyl ions. MELAdem 40 then supplies high-quality demineralised water. MELAdem 40 can even be directly connected to the MELAG autoclaves Premium-ClassPro-Class, Vacuquick and S-Class and then automatically provide sufficient high-quality demineralised water for every sterilisation.

The autoclaves Premium-ClassPro-Class, and S-Class are prepared ex factory with the mounting for fastening the MELAdem 40 to the steriliser housing. Respective mountings can be delivered to attach to the autoclaves Vacuquick or to the room wall. In the case of the MELAtronic EN autoclaves, the built-in water storage tank of these autoclaves can be directly filled with the optionally available spray pistol MELAjet.

The conductivity sensor built into the MELAG autoclaves Premium-ClassPro-Class,,VacuquickS-Class and MELAtronic EN automatically checks the water quality of the aqua dem which has been produced and supplied.
If an autoclave does not have an automatic conductivity sensor for checking the water quality, MELAG offers the quality control monitor. The ion exchange resin used to treat the water is then exchanged as soon as the water quality no longer meets the requirements.