Melag Melaflash Kit

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CF Card and Card Reader

The documentation of the processing measures in the practice is advisable for the complete documented evidence of infection protection measures in the practice or clinic. This documentation is also required as a component of the release of the prepared instruments for application after sterilisation.

This is naturally possible to do by hand, but requires a corresponding expenditure of time and effort on the part of the staff. So that this activity can be completed with minimal time expenditure, the autoclaves of the Premium-Class offer the automatic documentation on the practice network or with the MELAflash CF-Card.

The autoclave stores the data from the program cycles on the MELAflash CF-Card that is inserted in the CF-Card – slot of the autoclave of the Premium-Class. For the transfer of the data on the practice PC, the MELAflash CF-Card is plugged into the MELAflash CF-Card-Reader that is connected to the USP-Port of the practice PC. The record data can be processed with the MELAwin program.

Likewise it is possible to connect the protocol-printer MELAprint 42 over the network connection of the autoclaves of the Premium Class and the Vacuquick. This additionally requires the network adapter (article no.: 40295).

The following information is stored on the CF Card:

  • Selected program
  • Date, time, batch number
  • Serial number of the autoclave operated in the practice
  • Actual values of the vacuum, pressure and temperature
  • Confirmation of the successfully completed program
  • Inadmissible deviation

For the release of the sterilised instruments and the traceability of the instruments used on the patient to a sterilisation batch, the sterilisation packaging can easily be identified with the MELAdoc Lable Printer. MELAG offers also the Helix Test MELAcontrol for the documented evidence of the successful sterilisation in "Class B" autoclaves.