Huntleigh Hydroven 12 Unit

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Huntleigh Hydroven 12 Unit

12 Chamber Intermittent Pneumatic Compression System

For the management of woundcare, and lymphodema.

The Problem:
Disruption of the Lymphatic system has severe and sometimes debilitating implications for the patient. Lymphoedema has no cure but can be successfully managed when diagnosed and treated.

The Solution:
Hydroven 12 with it's unique LymphAssistTM mode is an advanced Intermittent Pneumatic Compression system (IPC) which has been designed to offer both clinicians and patients an effective treatment option to manage Lymphoedema. Developed in conjunction with manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapists, Lymphoedema specialists and Tissue Viability nurses, hydroven 12 delivers a gentle and effective treatment for your patinets. In addition to the management of Lymphatic conditions, hydroven 12 is effective in the treatment of the following conditions when combined with an individualised monitoring program.

• Acute and chronic wound management 
• Chronic venous insufficiency
• Oedema management

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