Zoll Electrodes

  • Code: 19958

  • Unit: 


We stock a small selection of Zoll Electrodes in the OneStep™ the Pedi-Padz® and the Stat-Padz® ranges for use with:

The AED Plus - the first and only full-rescue AED.

The ZOLL® R Series® - the first and only Code-Ready® defibrillator.

The X Series® and Propaq MD® Monitor/Defibrillators -  half the size, half the weight, yet a much more powerful full-featured monitor/defibrillator


Code Description Unit
16676 PediPadz Solid Gel Paeds R Series X Series EACH Add to quote
19958 OneStep Paeds R Series PAIR Add to quote
20505 OneStep CPR Feedback Paeds R Series EACH Add to quote
20383 OneStep CPR Feedback Adult R Series EACH Add to quote
19909 StatPadz Adult R Series EACH Add to quote
19915 PediPadz II Paeds AED Plus EACH Add to quote