Corpuls AED

  • Code: B06100.2020

  • Unit: 


The Corpuls AED safely guides rescuers through life-saving resuscitation.  A large screen provides easy to follow visual instructions, prompts and real-time CPR feedback. Along with a 5 year battery life and warrantee, the Corpuls AED is also waterproof, dustproof and incredibly durable. Built-in wireless capability allows you to manage the AED wirelessly to update software and check battery and service status. The defibrillator is available as a fully automated or semi-automated version and also comes with optional, built-in cellular functionality. This allows emergency calls to be triggered directly via the Corpuls AED allowing rescuers to call for an ambulance while providing defibrillation and CPR at the same time. 

 Key Features:

- 5 year battery and 5 year warranty

- 4.3" colour screen for visual as well as audible instructions

- Comprehensive CPR guidance with real-time CPR feedback and instructions

- In-built wi-fi that allows AED's to be monitored, configured and updated through the provided AED management software

- Optional built-in GSM module to allow the AED to dial 111 and act as a speakerphone so users can start resuscitation while dialling for an ambulance at the same time

- Dust and waterproof to IP66

- Vibration and impact resistant to DIN EN 1789"


Code Description Unit
B06100.2110 Auto with storage compartment EACH Add to quote
B06100.1110 Semi Auto with storage compartment EACH Add to quote
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