Otowave Sanibel Thermal Printer

  • Code: OMPT01

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High speed thermal printer specifically to be used with the Amplivox Otowave 102 

PLEASE NOTE 800419 Cable is required if using this printer with Otowave C with the docking station.

To print the results of the last test select SEND TO PRINTER from the PROCESS RESULTS menu on completion of the test. (Similar facilities for printing are available from the VIEW THE LAST TEST and DATA MANAGEMENT options in the MAIN MENU.) Press ◄ to cancel printing.

The three character identifier for the record is printed in the “Name” field followed by the Otowave graphical displays, the analysis and the results. The name of the hospital, the department, and the calibration dates for the instrument may also be printed if required.There is space for additional details to be handwritten by the clinician (patient name/age, operator & comments).

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OMPT01 Otowave Sanibel Thermal Printer EACH Add to quote
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