ProPulse Wax removal scoop for use with ProPulse

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Propulse® ProScoop

This has been designed in conjunction with a leading ear care specialist to facilitate the manual removal of ear wax before, during and after the ear irrigation process. Supplied individually wrapped and clinically clean, the single use ProScoop helps prevent cross infection.

The double ended design combines a scoop for manual ear wax removal at one end, and a serrated edge at the other to allow easy attachment of cotton wool (for mopping out the ear following ear irrigation).

Combined with a comfortable and easy to grip plastic handle, the ProScoop ensures that the clinician can confidently remove excess ear wax manually.

Scoop end designed by ear care specialist for easy removal of ear wax
Indicator mark on scoop shaft at 15mm (±0.5mm) to show depth of penetration into ear
Serrated end designed for easy application of cotton wool for mopping the ear out after irrigation.

  • Non slip shaft for added safety
  • For professional use only
  • Box of 40 single use clinically clean scoops