NormoFLO Irrigating System - LEVEL 1

  • Code: SMH1100INT230

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The SMITHS MEDICAL -- LEVEL 1 -  NORMOFLO® Irrigating System offers an effective solution for keeping patients warm during high volume irrigating procedures. The NORMOFLO® Irrigating System can deliver large volumes of body temperature irrigation at optimum flow rates.

  • Delivers body temperature fluid at flow rates ranging from 620 to 650 ml/min
  • Electrically operated IV pole that can automatically lift up to four 3-liter bags at the touch of a button
  • IV pole easily lifts up to 12L of fluid, making bag changes quick and easy
  • Irrigating set can be used on gravity flow or can be pressurised up to 300 mm/Hg
  • Set up is easy and the system use does not require any changes in surgical technique
  • Single disposable on one patient an be used for both the procedure and post-op irrigation, helping to reduce costs
  • Provides clear, bubble-free vision

Administration sets:

SMIRI600 - Irrigation Set