Wendylett 4Way Slide Sheet

  • Code: DH1649

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The multi-directional RoMedic WendyLett4Way sliding drawsheet is made of a material which is designed to work in combination with RoMedic WendyLett base sheet. The WendyLett4Way is grey/white checked and available in quite a few sizes. Sliding can take place in four directions; sideways as well as upwards and downwards, as indicated by the checked pattern.

A sliding drawsheet to be combined with WendyLett base sheet

The WendyLett4Way is placed on top of a WendyLett base sheet. A marking tag indicates which side should be facing upwards. WendyLett4Way has an anti-friction material on the underside and the combination of these two WendyLett sheets allows for multidirectional moves in bed. Procedures such as turning in bed, moving higher up/lower in bed or re-adjusting a user while lying becomes simple to achieve with this combination, even with the heavier or passive user. The function of WendyLett4Way also makes it possible to perform gentle and comfortable transfers of users in pain.

After turning, the gliding movement can be inhibited by bedding WendyLett4Way in under the mattress on both sides of the bed.

The WendyLett family consists of three different WendyLett sheets

  • WendyLett is a satin sliding sheet and a base sheet to be combined with
  • WendyLett2Way, a drawsheet for sliding sideways or
  • WendyLett4Way, a sliding drawsheet for multi-directional sliding.