SOLO Multistraps

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Our Liko® MultiStrap™ lift aids are lifting accessories that complete the menu of lifting and repositioning aids in Hillrom's wide product range. The MultiStrap aid was developed to meet a variety of needs in care and can be used to hold arms, legs and other parts of the body during treatment, washing or other routine caregiving activities.

Together with a patient lift, the MultiStrap lift aids ease many heavy lifting tasks such as wound care, hygiene procedures, catheterization, examinations, placement of bedpans, dressing/undressing and more.

MultiStrap lift aids may also be used to turn a patient in bed. They are available in Standard 10 cm (4") Wide 25 cm (10") and Ultra 40 cm (16") models, and can be used both individually and in pairs.

The Solo MultiStrap is a disposable version that is intended for short-term usage with a single patient, which means that it cannot be laundered but must be discarded when it becomes soiled or when it is no longer needed. In this way, the spread of viruses and contagious bacteria, for example, MRSA may be prevented. This also makes the product relatively economical, since there is no need for laundering.

Solo MultiStrap is also available in three models, but with different widths:

  • Solo MultiStrap Wide, 20 cm (8")
  • Solo MultiStrap Standard, 10 cm (4") 
  • Solo MultiStrap Narrow, 5 cm (2")