Huntleigh Fetal Doppler MKIII (including probe)

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The Sonicaid Digital Doppler - a new dimension in sound and vision

Visual presentation of fetal heart rate (FHR), in numeric and trace views, providing added clinical reassurance.

This generation of Doppler combines excellence in probe performance with digital signal processing to provide superb digital audio using our unique Dynamic Digital Noise Reduction (DDNR) system and gel filter.

Our latest digital algorithms optimise FHR performance and the high resolution colour display includes new “BIG numbers” & trace display modes. Doppler sound recording, on-screen trace review and playback are just some of the many new features in this state of the art digital Doppler unit.

High resolution colour display
• FHR & trace displayed in high definition.
• Wide viewing angle.

Multi-Functional Display
• Toggle between “BIG” numbers FHR display mode and FHR trace mode.

Data storage on Micro SD card
• Extensive storage capacity of both FHR and audio files for playback or download to our viewing & archiving software.

Integrated charging & connectivity
• MicroUSB port for convenient charging and communication with our viewing & archiving software.
• Stereo headphone connection socket.

High Sensitivity probes
• Calibrated and fine-tuned to provide excellent performance over the widest gestational age & BMI range in all clinical settings.

Hear the difference

• Digital sound processing enables our new DDNR system to reduce background noise and the gel filter reduces the loud   crackle when gel is applied. Delivering our best ever and clearest sounds for optimum FHR detection.

BIG Numbers Mode displays the heart rate in a high contrast colour for optimum visibility, making it easy to see at arm’s length or in waterbirth environments.
• Real time display includes date & time, signal quality, FHR alerts and battery level indicators.
• Ensures high visibility of FHR over wide viewing range.
• Easier FHR screening particularly in waterbirth settings.

Instantly visualise the fetal heart rate and trace simply switch between BIG numbers and our unique TRACE view.

Storage and Playback
Store and retrieve FHR traces and sounds for review.

Charged via USB socket, providing low running costs and negates the need to change batteries.

Archive traces and sounds to our software package providing a record of intermittent auscultation.

Trace View mode offers enhanced screening for improved quality of care and allows more in-depth review for higher risk situations.
• Includes fetal movement markers and automatic date & time stamping.
• Live on-screen scrolling for trace review of longer traces.
• No limit to trace length.

Educational Resource Tool
Pre-stored files on the SD card can be used to demonstrate obstetric sounds.

Real Time Clock
Ensures that all stored data is time and date stamped, providing proof of when the test was undertaken.

Labour Auscultation Timer
A unique 15-minute timer function is available for use in managing low risk labour, where guidelines recommend performing a Doppler examination every 15 minutes.

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