Ansell Gammex Dermashield Glove

  • Code: 30438

  • Unit: 

  • Effortless donning: A unique internal coating enables the glove wearer to easily don a glove with either dry or damp hands, whether it is their first don or during intraoperative changes
  • Reliable comfort: Ansell’s glove formers are designed for anatomic fit, and together with a proprietary formulation, these powder-free surgical gloves help minimize hand fatigue during sustained general procedures
  • Secure instrument grip: The smooth external surface of GAMMEX® Latex DermaShield™ has a micro-textured finish to ensure confident handling of medical instruments
  • Reduced risk of sensitization to allergies: These powder-free gloves benefit from optimal cleaning processes that ensure low residues of latex proteins and chemical accelerators, minimizing the risk of developing a latex allergy and/or allergic contact dermatitis
Code Description Unit
30438 Size 7 BX50 Add to quote
30439 Size 7.5 BX50 Add to quote
30440 Size 8 BX50 Add to quote