Medfusion Stopcock 3-Way

  • Code: SMMX701038

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ICU Medical has one of the widest selections of stopcocks available in the marketplace. Our stopcocks are a leading choice of anesthesiologists and critical care nurses worldwide. ICU Medical stopcocks are available in 1-way, 3-way and 4-way configurations for added convenience and versatility. Our stopcocks are available in HI-FLO™, Large Bore, and Small Bore designs to accommodate your various clinical needs. HI-FLO™ stopcocks have a 9-French internal diameter providing higher flow rates for rapid infusions when needed. ICU Medical stopcocks are available as individual, ganged or manifold configurations for extra versatility and convenience. Only ICU Medical stopcocks have color-embossed, raised printing on the handle for easy observation of stopcock positioning. ICU Medical stopcocks have large handles that are easy to grip and smooth to turn. Our stopcocks are lipid resistant, non-PVC and non-DEHP.

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