Sol M Pull Button Blood Collection

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Sol-Guard® Safety Pull-Button Blood Collection Set

With ease, safety and comfort in mind, the Sol-Guard™ Safety Pull-Button Blood Collection Set features an exclusive version of the “Butterfly Needle”, designed with sliding button that using pull force, activates in-vein needle retraction, helping prevent needlestick injury and bloodborne pathogen exposure.

•Low angle tri-bevel tip designed to improve penetration, while minimizing patient discomfort

•Thin-walled needle for fast flow rate and to reduce the risk of blood hemolysis

•Tactile non-slip grip to help engage the safety feature

•30% wider wings for improved handling during insertion and removal

•Large, oversized arrow to easily identify the activation pull button

•Flashback for instant and clear confirmation of proper needle placement

•Spring mechanism for split second in-vein needle retraction

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