Huntleigh Hydroven Homecare

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Hydroven Homecare LymphAssist Unit

The LymphAssist™ Homecare compression system from Huntleigh is the only product which has been designed specifically to compliment your traditional treatment in the comfort of your own home.

The clinically proven and effective LymphAssist™ Homecare system comprises of two parts, a simple to use single key press pump and a range of twelve chamber inflatable garments or sleeves.

When applied to your arm or leg, the system delivers an extremely soothing and effective treatment pattern which replicates the Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) technique which would have been previously administered by your therapist. The pump gently inflates each of the overlapping chambers in the garment and delivers a very light pressure to the affected limb. This pressure pattern clears the area by steering the accumulated lymph fluid into the functioning collecting lymphatic network where it's able to flow more freely.

The pre-programmed pattern takes approximately 35 minutes to deliver and can be applied to single limbs pr both limbs (arms or legs) simultaneously.

• Easy to use
• Clinically effective
• Stylish design
• Automatic treatment timers
• Flexi hose
• Discreet Treatment
• Pressure setting adjustment
• Portable

Patented treatment profile:
The treatment profile replicates the Leduc method MLD and is made up of two phases; the first phase begins by applying a light pressure up your limp starting at your toes and finger tips, this has the effect of softening the tissue and stimulating the sub surface lymphatic channels in your arm or leg.

The second phase then reverses the order by applying a light pressure at the top of your arm or leg which clears a pathway closest to the centre of your body.  The process then continues down the affected limbs until the pattern has been delivered across the whole length clearing accumulated fluid along the way.
This process takes approximately 35 minutes to deliver.