Surround Toothbrush

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Available in adult size and child size 

The SURROUND® TOOTHBRUSH is perfect for those with a low tolerance for daily tooth brushing, needing help with oral care, have difficulty using or holding a toothbrush or as an ‘easy-to- use’ children’s toothbrush.

Especially for those who may have Dementia, suffered a stroke,struggle to hold a toothbrush or for those who are attending to other's oral cares

For young children and those with learning disabilities, triple – headed design helps guide the brushing action of those learning to clean their teeth. As they attempt independent brushing, more surface is cleaned with each stroke of the brush as the multiple headed bristles are simultaneously in contact with all surfaces of the teeth (lingual / tongue, facial and occlusive/ biting) assuring they brush and clean all surfaces, back and front. 

Easiest toothbrush for young children to use, making brushing less stressful for parent and child alike.

Excellent solution for orthodontic patients as the angled bristles can clean under the appliance; the child / toddler size is also great for people of all ages who wear braces as the shorter bristles can get in and around tight places found with some appliances.

Three rows of bristles clean all surfaces of the teeth at the same time.The soft, end rounded bristles and smooth, heart-shaped, compact head make brushing safe and comfortable 

  • Compact head with soft end -rounded bristles 
  • Outer brush heads / wings can be bent and repositioned (preferably by the dentist) for improved access, including adjusting the width or spread
  • Side bristles positioned at 45 degree angle to clean both teeth and gums
  • Flexible structure and soft tactile surface for easier grip and protection of teeth
  • Head and neck of brush designed to bend rather than break, make brushing safer even for those who tend to bite down or move during care
  • Both come with a toothbrush cover
  • Smiley face on back of child's toothbrush